Jesskitten's Diary

Entry {Squak} 1

Does this work? Words on screen mean y{squaak}es? Yes!

So I finally got a few things to read and I ordered some teach software that helped me with learning parabotany. Very interesting, it even mentioned something about a nice tree to get, I mean it was kind of on the last pages but the pictures looked nice. Had a lot of tasty looking things in its branches.

Got this neat little sappling and a pot from one of my friends and it cost almost nothing. Just 20 grand and now Barky is mine. Barky, heh, get it? {squak}

I like Barky, he might not be big right now but I’m sure he will be big enough for a nest once he’s fully grown and he’s already grown on me. {happy laughlike squak} Brilliant, hah, I’m so funny. But seriously I do everthing for this tree, I speak with it, I encourage it and I play airplane with it. If that sucker doesn’t grow then I don’t know how to make it grow.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of trid stuff and I love this Karl Kombatmage show that’s always on. Yo, chummers! heh, it’s so funny. Me and Jesskitten watched for like hours and hours and hours and I think I fell {tired squak} asleep but when I woke up again Karl was just shooting his Johnson with credstick chocolate or something. I’m not sure what that was all about but it sure looked cool. And tasty, can’t forget tasty.

And no more getting shot for me. Puck built me this cool suit of armor, and it has all these nice playthings inside. Like a {concentrated squaaaaak} comlink and trodes and some sensory stuff and those sniperbullet holes still itch a little. I wonder if the bullets are still inside me? {sqaaaaak}

Alright that’s it from me, gotto go get me some rats and some water for Barky.

Oh yes and we had a job and met some {sqak, sqaaak} techno… {sqaaaak} no wait cyberpsychics. Jesskitten got a job to help keep them alive and I just threw little birdies at them. I even got her some normal looking feedbackclothes, but Miko didn’t like it and got her something that looked more boring or as Miko calls it “professional”.

It was preeeeety boring until we had to fight off some {angry sqaaaak} people. I wanted to murder them after there spirit almost caused an accident and since my spirit was better at doing that, they crashed. Then Kitten talked with them and my spirit friend had to calm them down.

We delivered them to a very strange guy, I stayed in the car though since Miko didn’t want anyone to see my {happy sqaak} armor.

-Two-Feathers (10:09:19|2070-09-14)


If you think that twenty grand for a sapling is nothing, TwoFeathers, then I’ve got a bridge in CalFree I can sell you. And why in the world are you naming a tree?

I am glad you like your armor though. I’m glad I could help you out. As an aside, I learned about these neat drones that mimic bird flight. I wonder if I could make you a big one. Do eagles have wives?

-Puck (Lord, what foo|s these mortals be!)

Entry {Squak} 1

Hey Two Feathers, welcome to posting. :) I’m glad you have a place to practice now. Puck is cool helping out like that, he helped me upgrade Wolfram to make him better, while I fixed him up.

And yes, to everyone who thinks I just sit around in the trix all day (as much as I want to), I have witnesses that I actually do things. Like getting a job, so I can keep an eye on two cyber psychics. And thankfully now well soon we might be starting a guild together

-Jesskitten (12:48:27|2070-09-14)

Entry {Squak} 1

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