Jesskitten's Diary

Boredom doesn't pay

So you should all know, boredom doesn’t pay. Now I know things are at times good when they are quiet but sometimes things going on can be better. That way you don’t get thrown into crazy situations.

So we were kinda laying low cause you know, annoying MCT an all. Like we all were doing normal kinda jobs. Like I started doing jobs as a kinda pretend normal computer person, Puck wrote software for people. O³ taught people their magicy stuff. All was pretty normal and boring.

Just so you know I love my AIs, I mean one of my best friend is an AI. But you know some are just crazy. Like Sojourner. He took over this satellite and was causing all kindsa trouble. So he sent down this bioattack kinda drone. So we got a call and were told we needed to get the drone before anyone else could, and we had to get it like yesterday.

So Puck, me, Miko, Two-Feathers and Jazz all get into Puck’s truck and head off. By head off I mean Puck drives like a crazy Pixie. I’m kinda surprised that we didnt crash the way he was driving. As it was we had to deal with a few other cars on the way. I guess they were after the drone as well. But Puck’s nice big cannon took care of them. Oh and Puck, just being hard to see doesnt mean you cant be shot. Like that sniper almost did.

So anyway we got to the spot and they were on the roof. So Miko Lifts us, well not me but Wolfram, up to the roof and there is a bit of a shootout. Oh plus the guys in crazy armor we saw going up the stairs. So we grab the drone, head back down, oh we added an extra guy cause apparently Jazz had one of his spirits into the mage who died. That was freaking creepy. So then we get the coords for drop off and it turns out to be fragging Aztech. I cant believe we did work for them.

-Jesskitten (12:39:03|2070-08-23)


Aren’t you forgetting someone.
-Beorn (04:54:18|2070-08-24)

Boredom doesn't pay

Oh sorry big guy, didnt mean to leave you out :)

-Jesskitten (05:30:26|2070-08-24)

Boredom doesn't pay

I can not tell you how weird it felt to pass into Azz territory, besides the barriers, everything just felt wrong. The weird ass pyramid doesn’t really help with that feeling either.

-Two-Feathers (10:00:28|2070-08-25)

Boredom doesn't pay

Sojourner doesn’t seem that bad to me. If people were attempting to genocide me, I’d probably take it to extreme measures if needed as well. So I can sympathize there.

Also, any time you want to play GTA-263, let me know. That’s something I bet I’ll win at!

-Puck (Lord, what foo|s these mortals be!)

Boredom doesn't pay

What like your spree against cats? And I never said he was bad, just kinda crazy. And yes you would win, cause Miko won’t even let me drive yet.

Im glad I’m not the only one who was creeped out by that pyramid, something about it just says DOOOM!

-Jesskitten (11:16:16|2070-08-25)

Boredom doesn't pay

These cat killings were justified and you know it {angry sqaak} Eagle was very pleased with him after I told him about it.

Cats are a menace to society and all birdkin!

-Two-Feathers (01:58:23|2070-08-26)

Boredom doesn't pay

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