Eagle Shapeshifter Shaman


Two-Feathers original eagle form looks like any other north-american bald eagle, except he is 1,7 m tall with a wingspan of 4,3 m and he has clear blue eyes. He is a male of his species and unusually even for a shapeshifter he is like a giant among his non-awakened kin.

His human form looks like someone from the subcontinent of India except for his blue eyes, beak-like nose and freckled hair that strangely reminds onlookers of feathers.

When he chooses or in moments of great emotional turmoil his connection to the great spirit of the eagle can become apparent, even in his human form, through the phenomenon known as the shamans mask.


Eric “Two-Feathers” was born in the mountains of North-America to a family of eagle shapeshifters and is a registered member of the Salish-Shidhe Council, a fact that did not bring him or his family a lot of luck. Hunted throughout his life by poachers trying to gain parts of his body as priced telesma and seeing the suffering of his normal brothers and sisters that were killed in his stead whenever hunters could not get him, he decided to leave the mountains and woods that once were his home and find a new place to live.

His travels led him to Seattle where he managed to find friends and a new, more stable home, finally as a middle-aged bird he has found peace. Now he works to learn more of his human side with basics such as reading and writing and how interessting the trid machine is, but he still remembers the quite forests and beautifull plants of his former home.

Uncharacteristicly for an eagle, Two-Feathers travels have instilled in him a love for fresh rats which he likes to hunt and eat fresh off the back alleys off Seattle. Unfortunately though this has led him to feel superior to any people worshipping his favourite food, such as rat shamans or crazy people


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