Jesskitten's Diary

What Happened

So umm yeah, what happened. Well I guess it started when we met totally the coolest person I’ve met in ages. She called herself Netcat, shes like me like she can do things in the matrix like me. Anyway, we met her and shes like, I need help getting this person out of an MCT facility. So you know we get in there an get him out with MCT on our tails shooting at us in the middle of the highway.

Once we got the guy to our rendezvous point, make sure everyone is ok, we found out that he knew about a heap of MCT facilities that are experimenting on people kinda like they were me. And it seemed like someone Netcat really wanted was one the people in one the facilities. Soooo yeah we get asked to go back in basicly and get him out.

So Puck and Miko scouted out the place inside, doing their weird magicy stuff, while Two Feathers watched over me as I did my best to get any info from outside that would be helpful. I didnt want to try tapping into the MCT stuff cause well its scary. Anyway later on we headed back to go in. This time it was Bjorn, Netcat, Miko and Puck who went in. They had put an appointment into the computers previously for Miko so they could have a good reason to be in there. Miko pretended to be wanting an operation for like her black fur kinda stuff, and Netcat pretended to be her mother while Bjon was their bodyguard. Puck was hiding in Bjorns jacket. They wouldn’t let me go in (not that I really minded that) so I stayed outside with Wolfram.

A while later Miko Puck and Bjorn came back from the front and Netcat came from somewhere else with a whole bunch of people with her. They looked well really like well just imagine, they were ragged and all and didnt look that well. Plus some were talking all kindsa random stuff. And then some were like trying to come into my little world in the Matrix and they were totally insane like omg it really started hurting my head. I kinda got glimpses of like a research place and jars and all but just like you wouldnt believe what it felt like.

It kinda scared me enough that well I just needed to get away. So here I am, in my little place in the Nexus and I’m starting this diary so well, I dunno, maybe it’ll help

-Jesskitten (3:35:07|2070-07-06)


Like, omg, are you totally from a valley in CalFree? CalFree gurls ftw, roxxorzsup3rhaxx.

-Erebus (3:47:16|2070-07-06)

What Happened

Hey, be nice. It’s not her fault she writes like that. It’s a minor miracle she’s even literate. Also, people from CalFree don’t talk like that anymore, even in their commlinks. They’re too busy being brainwashed by P2O to come up with new slang.

-Puck (Lord, what foo|s these mortals be!)

What Happened

Thanks Puck, I guess. And I can read, well, well enough. They made me read stuff when they were well testing so you know I picked things up.

-Jesskitten (12:06:47|2070-07-08)

What Happened

Aww Kitten.
Like: Find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory or Wish for; want – it’s not a word to randomly fill a sentence.

…she’s like me in the way that she can do things in the matrix the same way I do. …she asked our help in getting a person out of a facility. So we got in there and got him out with security on our tails shooting at us..

And that’s just starters. Times, words,… I’m getting you a grammar software missy, and you’ll be taking some lessons. No talking back. What would Netcat think if she saw you typing like that?

- Col (xxxx|xxxxx)

What Happened

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