Jesskitten's Diary

I know crazy people!

First thing I must say is, Puck is such a cheater at Shadowrun MMO. I saw that last shot miss me only to hit me anyway.

But anyway, soooo I know crazy people. Like they are nuts! So why are they crazy? Well one story will confirm it. So after we saved Oberon from those drekheads MCT, apparently they found out that MCT was taking even more people Puck would call Cyber Psychics. Netcat calls us Technomancers, but well what ever we are called seems like MCT wants to just play with our brains.

So I heard they found that they tracked MCT down to one of their Zero Zones in the Barrens. A creepy place kinda like the place where I was held. And thats kinda where the calm story ends. Puck went in to get an armored bus and also take out their antenna. Buuuut turrets start going off. So he gets the armored bus to the rest of the group and they then ram the bus through the lobby of the building. Enough to say the guard was plenty surprised, though he did hit a gas button before they got him. It was really nasty gas apparently. But anyway Puck shuts that off and the team piles out. Big Bjorn picks up the guard and smooshes his face and thumb onto the pads to open the doors.

So then they are walking through this facility, Bjorn carrying the guard like a keycard, till they find some scientists and well Netcat is a little scary I think. Awesome but scary heh. So scientists go down and alarms come up. More turrets and yeah. Eventually they find their way to a guard room where Two Feathers distracts the guards and mage while Puck and Oberon open the door. then all hell kinda breaks loose (as if it hadn’t already). Shade was throwing her FROSTSHOCK spells, Bjorn charges in taking one guard out but got shot to hell by the other guards (only to be healed by Two Feathers and Shade. Magic is weird but kinda cool). So guards out of the way Puck covers them while the rest go down to what so has to be an MCT patented underground lab.

When they got down there apparently they came around a corner on a few well Shade called them cyberzombies, which well I dunno what to think of Shade’s stories. But apparently thats what they were. And apparently they use to be Cyber Psychics. Ok now I really really want to burn MCT. Anyway enough to say a few of Miko’s grenades, Bjorn charging and the others just generally shooting or spelling, they take out these zombies. And find the head scientist and save more people and all.

So yeah the people I know are crazy. So cool but totally out of their mind!

-Jesskitten (13:13:10|2070-07-08)


Don’t be such a poor loser. I had the good grace to admit my loss to you, and that’s why you still get to be Jesskitten.

-Puck (Lord, what foo|s these mortals be!)

I know crazy people!

Test, test {squaaak} how do I delete..,, nevermind {sound of beak hitting the screen repeatedly} I’m just glad we made it out alife, and the grenades ruined my cool nice anti-gas-suit {sad squaak} but at least we got to ruin MCT shit. That doc got what was coming to her!

- Two-Feathers (18:00:32|2070-07-12)

I know crazy people!

Two-Feathers, you learnt to read? Yay! Now maybe you can read the notes I leave you to clean up the rat bits when you’re finished eating.

-Jesskitten (18:04:41|2070-07-12)

I know crazy people!

Come on that happened like once, and Miko already told me no birdeating in the house, for some reason she was very insistent about it, sometimes I don’t get you guys, I mean I even used a plate.

And yeah I finally learned enough about your {Squak} symbols and letters and stuff and I already found sooo many interesting things I want to read. Like this book about magical plants and the trid guide and do you know there’s a Karl Kombatmage Marathon tonight? I love that show.

And can I like post some stuff here? I should continue practising my writing.

- Two-Feathers (18:13:50|2070-07-12)

I know crazy people!

Drekhead? Where did you pick up such words? Language little lady!

- Col (xxxx|xxxx)

I know crazy people!

Oh yay, Kombatmage Marathon, I’m so in. Also I don’t see why you guys can’t post here. I’d love to hear your stories and, well, how you see things we have done. I’ll open up guest posts for you all.

-Jesskitten (18:17:46|2070-07-12)

>sys_admin: Edit – permissions
>sys_admin: Edit – Allow User Posts
>sys_admin: OK

I know crazy people!

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