Jesskitten's Diary

Boredom doesn't pay

So you should all know, boredom doesn’t pay. Now I know things are at times good when they are quiet but sometimes things going on can be better. That way you don’t get thrown into crazy situations.

So we were kinda laying low cause you know, annoying MCT an all. Like we all were doing normal kinda jobs. Like I started doing jobs as a kinda pretend normal computer person, Puck wrote software for people. O³ taught people their magicy stuff. All was pretty normal and boring.

Just so you know I love my AIs, I mean one of my best friend is an AI. But you know some are just crazy. Like Sojourner. He took over this satellite and was causing all kindsa trouble. So he sent down this bioattack kinda drone. So we got a call and were told we needed to get the drone before anyone else could, and we had to get it like yesterday.

So Puck, me, Miko, Two-Feathers and Jazz all get into Puck’s truck and head off. By head off I mean Puck drives like a crazy Pixie. I’m kinda surprised that we didnt crash the way he was driving. As it was we had to deal with a few other cars on the way. I guess they were after the drone as well. But Puck’s nice big cannon took care of them. Oh and Puck, just being hard to see doesnt mean you cant be shot. Like that sniper almost did.

So anyway we got to the spot and they were on the roof. So Miko Lifts us, well not me but Wolfram, up to the roof and there is a bit of a shootout. Oh plus the guys in crazy armor we saw going up the stairs. So we grab the drone, head back down, oh we added an extra guy cause apparently Jazz had one of his spirits into the mage who died. That was freaking creepy. So then we get the coords for drop off and it turns out to be fragging Aztech. I cant believe we did work for them.

-Jesskitten (12:39:03|2070-08-23)

Entry {Squak} 1

Does this work? Words on screen mean y{squaak}es? Yes!

So I finally got a few things to read and I ordered some teach software that helped me with learning parabotany. Very interesting, it even mentioned something about a nice tree to get, I mean it was kind of on the last pages but the pictures looked nice. Had a lot of tasty looking things in its branches.

Got this neat little sappling and a pot from one of my friends and it cost almost nothing. Just 20 grand and now Barky is mine. Barky, heh, get it? {squak}

I like Barky, he might not be big right now but I’m sure he will be big enough for a nest once he’s fully grown and he’s already grown on me. {happy laughlike squak} Brilliant, hah, I’m so funny. But seriously I do everthing for this tree, I speak with it, I encourage it and I play airplane with it. If that sucker doesn’t grow then I don’t know how to make it grow.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of trid stuff and I love this Karl Kombatmage show that’s always on. Yo, chummers! heh, it’s so funny. Me and Jesskitten watched for like hours and hours and hours and I think I fell {tired squak} asleep but when I woke up again Karl was just shooting his Johnson with credstick chocolate or something. I’m not sure what that was all about but it sure looked cool. And tasty, can’t forget tasty.

And no more getting shot for me. Puck built me this cool suit of armor, and it has all these nice playthings inside. Like a {concentrated squaaaaak} comlink and trodes and some sensory stuff and those sniperbullet holes still itch a little. I wonder if the bullets are still inside me? {sqaaaaak}

Alright that’s it from me, gotto go get me some rats and some water for Barky.

Oh yes and we had a job and met some {sqak, sqaaak} techno… {sqaaaak} no wait cyberpsychics. Jesskitten got a job to help keep them alive and I just threw little birdies at them. I even got her some normal looking feedbackclothes, but Miko didn’t like it and got her something that looked more boring or as Miko calls it “professional”.

It was preeeeety boring until we had to fight off some {angry sqaaaak} people. I wanted to murder them after there spirit almost caused an accident and since my spirit was better at doing that, they crashed. Then Kitten talked with them and my spirit friend had to calm them down.

We delivered them to a very strange guy, I stayed in the car though since Miko didn’t want anyone to see my {happy sqaak} armor.

-Two-Feathers (10:09:19|2070-09-14)

I know crazy people!

First thing I must say is, Puck is such a cheater at Shadowrun MMO. I saw that last shot miss me only to hit me anyway.

But anyway, soooo I know crazy people. Like they are nuts! So why are they crazy? Well one story will confirm it. So after we saved Oberon from those drekheads MCT, apparently they found out that MCT was taking even more people Puck would call Cyber Psychics. Netcat calls us Technomancers, but well what ever we are called seems like MCT wants to just play with our brains.

So I heard they found that they tracked MCT down to one of their Zero Zones in the Barrens. A creepy place kinda like the place where I was held. And thats kinda where the calm story ends. Puck went in to get an armored bus and also take out their antenna. Buuuut turrets start going off. So he gets the armored bus to the rest of the group and they then ram the bus through the lobby of the building. Enough to say the guard was plenty surprised, though he did hit a gas button before they got him. It was really nasty gas apparently. But anyway Puck shuts that off and the team piles out. Big Bjorn picks up the guard and smooshes his face and thumb onto the pads to open the doors.

So then they are walking through this facility, Bjorn carrying the guard like a keycard, till they find some scientists and well Netcat is a little scary I think. Awesome but scary heh. So scientists go down and alarms come up. More turrets and yeah. Eventually they find their way to a guard room where Two Feathers distracts the guards and mage while Puck and Oberon open the door. then all hell kinda breaks loose (as if it hadn’t already). Shade was throwing her FROSTSHOCK spells, Bjorn charges in taking one guard out but got shot to hell by the other guards (only to be healed by Two Feathers and Shade. Magic is weird but kinda cool). So guards out of the way Puck covers them while the rest go down to what so has to be an MCT patented underground lab.

When they got down there apparently they came around a corner on a few well Shade called them cyberzombies, which well I dunno what to think of Shade’s stories. But apparently thats what they were. And apparently they use to be Cyber Psychics. Ok now I really really want to burn MCT. Anyway enough to say a few of Miko’s grenades, Bjorn charging and the others just generally shooting or spelling, they take out these zombies. And find the head scientist and save more people and all.

So yeah the people I know are crazy. So cool but totally out of their mind!

-Jesskitten (13:13:10|2070-07-08)

What Happened

So umm yeah, what happened. Well I guess it started when we met totally the coolest person I’ve met in ages. She called herself Netcat, shes like me like she can do things in the matrix like me. Anyway, we met her and shes like, I need help getting this person out of an MCT facility. So you know we get in there an get him out with MCT on our tails shooting at us in the middle of the highway.

Once we got the guy to our rendezvous point, make sure everyone is ok, we found out that he knew about a heap of MCT facilities that are experimenting on people kinda like they were me. And it seemed like someone Netcat really wanted was one the people in one the facilities. Soooo yeah we get asked to go back in basicly and get him out.

So Puck and Miko scouted out the place inside, doing their weird magicy stuff, while Two Feathers watched over me as I did my best to get any info from outside that would be helpful. I didnt want to try tapping into the MCT stuff cause well its scary. Anyway later on we headed back to go in. This time it was Bjorn, Netcat, Miko and Puck who went in. They had put an appointment into the computers previously for Miko so they could have a good reason to be in there. Miko pretended to be wanting an operation for like her black fur kinda stuff, and Netcat pretended to be her mother while Bjon was their bodyguard. Puck was hiding in Bjorns jacket. They wouldn’t let me go in (not that I really minded that) so I stayed outside with Wolfram.

A while later Miko Puck and Bjorn came back from the front and Netcat came from somewhere else with a whole bunch of people with her. They looked well really like well just imagine, they were ragged and all and didnt look that well. Plus some were talking all kindsa random stuff. And then some were like trying to come into my little world in the Matrix and they were totally insane like omg it really started hurting my head. I kinda got glimpses of like a research place and jars and all but just like you wouldnt believe what it felt like.

It kinda scared me enough that well I just needed to get away. So here I am, in my little place in the Nexus and I’m starting this diary so well, I dunno, maybe it’ll help

-Jesskitten (3:35:07|2070-07-06)


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