Tim Bauer

Human Rigger


Tim Bauer is an alright looking human male, 1,8 m tall and of average weight for someone his size and 40 years old.

He keeps his red hair worn as a military buzzcut and he sports a magnificent copper coloured full beard. He has some scars running down his left arm and he would be really old had he been an orc.

His cybereyes are styled after his biological ones and so retained their gray colour. He moves in a somewhat rigid fashion due to his military training but the unearthly agility behind his motions suggests advanced cyber- or bioware.


Tim is a former member of the AGS military living in Berlin. His teenage son Ben went missing while he was on duty and then his wife kicked him out and told him not to return unless he could find there son. After the police stopped the search he decided to leave the military to find Ben himself.

Now a shadowrunner he used his rigging skills to gather clues to his sons whereabouts and finally one of them led him to Seattle. He legally moved there but now his money has run out and he needs to find jobs to continue. His search has been slowed down immensly due to the fact that he looks remarkably like a well known local criminal, a member of the Gianelli mafia family, that recently got released from prison. This also led to more people looking into his person and him being dragged to the local police departement every so often to make sure he really isn’t this criminal. There he met Jim Power, a lonestar lieutenant understanding of his plight and desire to get his son back.

Lacking a better option, he always carries a bright pink emotitoy with him, it is bigger than normal emotitoys and was a gift to his son right after his birth. He hopes to one day give it back.

Tim Bauer

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